Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vineyard Investment Phase Two

This specialist vineyard investment started in December 2008 leading to the initiation of the Founding Syndicate Fund 1. This became a massive success due to its simplicity and its guaranteed fixed term yields. This first fund raised a €1,000,000 in five months.The first slice of funding was used to start the initial phases of development.

There is now a second fund looking to raise another €1,000,000 to facilitate the building of a bodega, a vineyard for experimenting with various techniques. This will also assist in the trialing of several different procedures in order to improve quality and yields.

We believe this high investment return fund to be on its own within the current investment market. With guaranteed returns of between 17% and 25% over a fixed 2 year term this gives the investor clear exit strategy.
Funds raised via Syndicate Fund Two will go to further refining the progress of the vineyard:-

Phase Two - testing of soil

Organisation and implementation of weather stations
A 2 year study into specific plantation locations allowing us to determine which grape types are best suited.

We will analyise the need for machinery on the 2nd phase of the bodega which will produce wine from several varieties. The above processes are necessary to establish the best use of the the vineyard and its yield. This further refining will have a positive impact on the overall profitabilty of this vineyard.

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